What are some popular middle names?


Popular middle names tend to be simple and traditional, such as Marie, Anne, May and Louise for girls, and David, Thomas, Edward and James for boys, according to BabyCenter. These names have remained popular for decades, and they sound pleasant with a wide variety of first and last names.

Grace and Rose are also classic middle names for girls, along with other character traits, such as Faith, Hope and Joy, and other flowers, such as Lily, Poppy and Daisy. Some edgier plant and trait names have become popular or regained popularity, including Ivy, Willow, Temperance and Honor.

Additional longstanding middle names for boys include John, Charles and Anthony. Boys sometimes receive family names, such as a grandfather's first name or a out-of-use maiden name plucked from the family tree. Some parents choose names of classic heroes, such as Alexander, George, William or Wallace.

Many modern middle-name trends are unisex. Weather and nature names have gained popularity, such as Snow, River, Sky and Rain. Compass directions, such as North and West, are also becoming more popular. Many children have middle names that are colors. Blue is especially popular, and Violet, which doubles as both a color and a flower, has always been a classic, according to FitPregnancy.

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