How to Override a Password in a Toshiba Portege R100 HDD.?


1. Open the Portege R100's "Start" menu and click "Shut Down. Click "OK" and wait for the operating system to shut down. Hold the "Escape" key and tap the Portege's power button. 2. Tap "F1" when the "To check system, Then press [F1] key" prompt
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The BIOS password is removed by the BIOS configuration, you need the BIOS password to get into the BIOS configuration.But if you do not have the BIOS password then you need to construct
Drives: 40 gig 1.8" PCMCIA size hard drive. 2 meg cache, 4,200 RPM rotational speed and has an ATA-5 interface capable of 100MB/sec transfer rates. i think when i worked in a
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