How to Load a Porter Cable Finishing Nail Gun?


A person can load a porter cable finishing nail gun by first checking the trigger. The porter cable nail gun can be reloaded through the T shape opening. The magazine pusher needs to be pulled.
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1. Check that the trigger is not activated. 2. Point the nose of the gun away from your body and away from any bystanders. 3. Slide a new clip of finish nails through the T-shaped
A Porter cable nailgun compressor kit will cost you anywhere from $200
Here is a link to the manual for your nail gun. Refer to page 11 of the manual for removing a jammed nail. To get the manual, go to the link, click on the "Manual" tab and
First of all, they are not hot-dipped galvanized, they are electroplated. That's why they are not rated for exterior use. Second, galvanized screws or nails react with the acids in
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