How to Cash a Post-Dated Check?


Post dating a check is not considered illegal. It becomes an issue if a person pays with a post-dated check, but does not have the funds in the bank to cover the amount. It can still be cashed when post-dated.
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1. Note the date on the check. Generally, when someone presents a post-dated check as payment for goods or services, the payer makes the payee aware of the post-date to ensure that
A post-dated cheque is a cheque, on which a future date appears. and not a current date. For example, if today is 01/01/2012, then a cheque which bears a date (say) 15/01/2012 is
It is not legal to accept post dated cheques. But people are accepting it for the date mentioned therein to come. From that date onwards it is a valid cheque and can be presented
Post date (verb) means to date a check, invoice, letter or document with a
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A post-dated check is one that is written with a future date. Post-dated checks are legal, but most states will refuse to cover post-dated checks under bad check ...
If the person that you are giving the post dated check to accepts it and knows that it is post dated, there should not be an issue. However, if someone tries to ...
It is not illegal to write a post-dated check or give it as payment as long as your intentions are not illegal. The payee may not be willing to accept a post-dated ...
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