Post Office Postmarks?


Post office postmark are markings that are printed on a letter in order to indicate that it has been delivered to the post office. These postmarks usually have a time and date stamped on it. The color of most postmarks are black and some are in red.
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It is not envelopes that are postmarked (franked) it is the stamps on the envelopes (so that they can not be used twice) Therefore they are franked when fist processed in the sorting
There are other stores that sell stamps, such as "The
There are a number of cities that have significant names around holidays - Santa Claus, Christmas, North Pole, etc. Now any business can arrange to have a postmark created - so finding
(pōst'märk') n. An official mark printed over a postage stamp, especially one that cancels the stamp and records the date and place of mailing. tr.v. , -marked , -mark·
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Mail gets postmarked while it is at the post office. How long it takes after the mail gets there, depends on the post office. It could take 24 hours to be postmarked ...
A postmark is an official mark stamped on a letter or any other postal package, giving the place, date, time of posting and cancelling the stamp. It indicates ...
A postmark deadline means a particular item must be posted by the date given. Normally, when a deadline date falls on Sunday or government holidays, the deadline ...
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