How Poisonous Is Potassium Cyanide?


Potassium cyanide is very, very poisonous The lethal dose is between 200 mg and 300 mg. The toxicity once ingested depends on the acidity of the persons stomach. The main causes of potassium poisoning includes exposure to toxins, environmental, and/or poisons.
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Symbol KCN? Because of the presence of the CN- and the high reactivity of K+ it is in my option that it would be HIGHLY poisonous. I would not in any way suggest ingestion.but hey
Abdominal pain - severe Blood pressure rapidly drops Breathing difficulties due to swelling of the throat Collapse Diarrhea Mouth pain - severe Throat pain - severe
It fills up the thyroid, blocking the radioactive iodine from
Potassium poisoning (hyperkalemia) can result in cardiac arrest. More common is vomiting (induced by high amounts of potassium ingested).
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