What Food Did the Potawatomi Indians Eat or Grow?


The potswami tribe is a group of indigenous Americans who were basically farmers in the summer and hunters in the fall. Their name means people from a place of the fire. They farmed beans, peas, squash, tobacco, melons and corn and also hunted game and fish.
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they killed there food with bow and arrows.
The Potawatomi Indians were farming people. Potawatomi women planted and harvested corn, beans, squash, and tobacco, as well as gathering wild rice and berries. The men hunted deer,
they ate wiled rice berries and nuts.
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Potawatomi Foods
Potawatomi refers to an ancient Indian tribe that lived in the Great Lakes area from the 1600s to the 1800s. The Potawatomi collected and gathered plants and animals for food. They moved according to seasons so they could grow different crops and hunt... More »
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