How to Use Pottery Tools?


There are a number of different pottery tools that you can use; each of them have their own uses. An example of a common pottery tool is the Chamois, which is used to smooth the upper portions of your ware. Another commonly used tool is the cut-off wire, which can be used to easily cut off large pieces of clay.
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1. The loop tool is a simple metal loop set into a handle. Depending on the shape of the loop they can be used for cutting swaths from a finished clay pot for large designs or uniformly
Canvas- used so the clay doesn't stick to the surface that you are working on. Fettling knife- These thin-bladed knives come in either a hard temper or soft. The hard ones are inflexible
You may wonder how a beautiful ceramic bowl being sold in an expensive store can be made so well compared to, let's say, an average pinch pot. While the artisan probably has some
Over at the. Pottery Forum. we've been talking about tools you can make yourself and ones you can "create" from objects found at flea markets and yard sales. With the yard
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Pottery Tools
Pottery tools are helpful for throwing pots on the potter's wheel. See what tools you might need when throwing on the wheel.... More »
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