How to Use Pottery Tools?


There are a number of different pottery tools that you can use; each of them have their own uses. An example of a common pottery tool is the Chamois, which is used to smooth the upper portions of your ware. Another commonly used tool is the cut-off wire, which can be used to easily cut off large pieces of clay.
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1. Measure and mark the wooden dowel into 3-inch lengths. You will need two dowel pieces per cutting tool for the handles. 2. Cut the dowel handle pieces. 3. Mark the center of the
Basically the tools that are a must for pottery are kilns, kick wheels and other wheels - plus a variety of smaller pieces of equipment. Other things that are needed are slab rollers
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Pottery Tools
Pottery tools are helpful for throwing pots on the potter's wheel. See what tools you might need when throwing on the wheel.... More »
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