How to Handle Potty Training Accidents?


Potty accidents can be frustrating. They should be handled calmly by changing the soiled clothes into dry ones. Try to be cool even if the child wets his bed at night. Change the sheets, clean him and put him back to sleep. Avoid scolding as this can hurt his self esteem resulting into derailed potty training. However, if you feel that something might be wrong, it's advisable to schedule an appointment with a paediatrician.
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Jill Irving is BabyCentre's health visitor. Be as matter of fact about it as you can. Accidents are going to happen, and they are part of the learning process. Be calm and help your
Puppy potty accidents during. house training. often result in pet stains. But changing food too quickly also can lead to puddles and plops when Junior-pup can't get to his bathroom
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