How should you handle potty training accidents?


According to Parents magazine, accidents are common when working through the potty training process. It is advised to treat the accident lightly and avoid getting upset. Punishing or verbally reprimanding the child makes the process scary, and potty training takes longer to master.

Parents magazine explains that the transition from diapers to the potty comes with several challenges. The child may struggle with urination, whereas knowing to use the potty for a bowel movement may come easy. This is normal. Continue to work at potty training with the understanding that recognizing the need to urinate comes in time.

Parents magazine states that playing with feces is a form of curiosity. This is corrected by explaining that feces are not to be played with. Boys sitting to urinate is also common. Until the boy masters the urge to urinate, it is fine to allow him to sit down.

Resistance to potty training could be an indication that the child is not ready to train. Help the child along by taking him to the potty when he expresses a need to urinate or have a bowel movement. Sit him on the toilet, and explain to him what he should be doing. Do not pressure him to use the potty, but encourage him, Parents notes.

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