How to Do the Potty Dance?


There are different ways to potty dance. To do the dance from the Pull-ups commercial, first cross your right leg over the left, then your left over your right, stomp both feet to the side lightly, touch your toes, touch your waist, and then throw your hands in the air. Some people thing of doing the potty dance as their toddler simply going to the bathroom correctly.
Q&A Related to "How to Do the Potty Dance"
Take the child to the bathroom with you. If you have a son let daddy demonstrate. If you have a daughter, allow mommy to do the honors. Help the child to sit on the potty which will
Ralph's World sings the "Potty Dance" Song for pull-ups There is another version of "Potty dance" that is more of a RAP but I don't know who sings that version.
Huggies has not yet released lyrics for their Potty Dance
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