How to Potty Train a Child?


To potty train you child start by introducing the potty before making your child use it by placing it in the baby's play area. Select a specific time or times of the day when you place your beloved on the potty. Invite your child to sit on the potty every fifteen minutes. Show tons of enthusiasm during the potty training process, and give a lot of praise whenever your child is successful.
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1. Make certain that the time is right. Nothing is worse that trying to train a girl who is not ready and/or willing to be potty trained. Your daughter must be both physically and
1. Observe whether your child is urinating regularly. Check to see if your child is remaining dry for two hours at a time. Take note of facial expressions that indicate your child
1. Designate the place you want your greyhound puppy to go potty. Take your puppy to that spot first thing every morning, just before bed, every time he wakes up from a nap and after
1. Determine if the area outside your home is safe enough for your cat. It may not be safe to let your kitty outside if dogs or other cats roam your area or if you live near a busy
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