How to Make a Powerpoint Quiz?


One can utilize PowerPoint in order to create quizzes, especially as reinforcement activities. There are some websites that offer templates for PowerPoint quizzes. One example of a site would be
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1. Open up Microsoft PowerPoint. 2. Add a title, and a subtitle. 3. Create a rectangle, then press s while it is selected. 4. Type in, 'Start' or 'Play' 5. Add another slide by pressing
1. Open a new blank presentation and enter a title and sub-title for your training. Click the "New Slide" button to insert slides and enter instructional text and graphics
first of all you select powerpoint, then you must press Ctrl+Shift+D and just hold it down.
Newgrounds is a flash sharing website, and the file should be in SWF format. So you may need to convert PowerPoint to SWF video. But after you converter PPT to SWF, you cannot operate
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Microsoft PowerPoint version: PowerPoint 2002/2003/2007 ...
1. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint. Create a title page for your quiz using the pre-set title and subtitle boxes. 2. Click "New Slide" on the toolbar to ...
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