What Is Pps6180?


If you get error message PPS6180 when you are calling someone, it means they have run out of airtime on their pre-paid phone. You only need to wait until they have added time to their phone and the call will go through.
Q&A Related to "What Is Pps6180"
Code PPS6180 means that the person you are trying to call has a pre-paid phone and does not have
This is an automated message from some cell phone providers such as AT&T, Cingular and several others that lets the caller know that the number they are trying to reach is either
In this case, the person whom you were trying to call probably ran out of money on their prepaid account. Until they refill it, their number will continue to be "not reachable&
Cell phone error PPS 6180 can be an automated message telling you that the cell phone you are trying to reach is in an area that has no cell coverage, has been shut off, or has been
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