Prank Love Calculator?


To make a prank love calculator, you will first need to find a website that allows you to make a free website. Once you have secured a free website, design the site to be used as a love calculator. Add names that you want to use as the user's love interests. Once the website is complete, share the website address with all your friends. They will visit the website and try to find who their love connection is.
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Oh yes, the old love calculator. The thrill of seeing if two people are compatible or not. You are able to check by name, date of birth or zodiac sign. You can find more information
1. Use premade love compatibility tests. These tests feature a series of questions with multiple-choice answers and are designed to capture your feelings about relationship issues
1. Choose your victim. In almost all pranks there is one main victim. Select that person. Make sure it is not someone who will find out. Ad. 2. Where will this take place? Good places
The love calculator measures the chances between the two people who are most likely successful on having a romantic relationship. You type in the name of the person and it will give
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