Pranks While Sleeping?


There are many pranks to pull on people while they are sleeping. One is to set their alarm clock for an odd time and then hide it in the room. Another is to put shaving cream or whipped cream in their hand and then tickle their face.
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Chuck water over their head.
1. Pose around a person who's sleeping on a chair or a couch and act like you're playing a lively game; perhaps put playing cards or a game controller in his hands. Take lots of pictures
Babies can cry simply because they want attention. They may want to be held, your think maybe wet or want their diaper changed. Sometimes babies do not need a reason to cry. Either
1 Make sure you have all of the supplies for your nightly prank, like shaving cream, if you want to do the shaving cream prank. If you want to do a makeup prank, (this will work better're...
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Pranks on someone that is sleeping are quite easy. The best is to dip the hapless deep sleeper's hand in a bowl of warm water, causing them to wet their bed. ...
Some pranks you can pull on friends while they are sleeping are a little cruel, such as the classic, put their hand in a bowl of warm water so they pee in their ...
Don't forget about the classic shaving cream prank! While someone is sleeping, fill his or he. ...
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