Prayer of Grace before Meals?


A prayer of grace before meals gives thanks to God for the food He provides. These can just be a simple Thank you for the food before us, to a more detailed and elaborate prayer. The important thing is the thanks, not so much the words.
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Bless us, O Lord, in these thy gifts. which we are about to receive. from thy bounty though Christ our Lord. Amen.
Grace is said to be an act of offering thanks to God for granting humans
1. Keep prayer before meals simple and heartfelt. Pray what you are feel and don't be afraid to express yourself. 2. Give thanks for the fellowship you are sharing with those who
1. Wait until everyone is sitting down at the table. Ad. 2. As soon as everyone is seated, begin to say the following words: 3. "Bless us O Lord, for these Thy gifts, for which
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There are many different prayers or ways to say grace before meals. These vary by religion or tradition. One simple, well-known prayer said before meals is: 'God is great, God is good, Let us thank Him for our food. Amen.' This is a great prayer for teaching children to say grace before meals.
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