Predators of the Komodo Dragon?


The only predators of the Komodo Dragon are other Komodo Dragons. They don't have any other predators because they are at the top of their own food chain. The young Komodo Dragons will hide in trees and bushes to avoid being attacked by another one. The Komodo Dragon doesn't reach adulthood until approximately 8 to 9 years old. From then on they will become a predator of their own and not worry so much about becoming the prey.
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They are tertiary predators (predator at the top of the food chain) and are cannibalistic (they eat other Komodo Dragons). They are currently listed as endangered with their greatest
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By "help the predator" do you mean help the Komodo dragon itself? Komodo dragons don't actually have "poison" per se. They have a large amount of bacteria in their
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