How do you use the prefix "oct"?


The prefix "oct-" is usually combined with the letter "o" or the letter "a" at the end to form a prefix that means "eight." For instance, the octagon is an eight-sided polygon that also has eight angles.

Other examples of words using the prefix "oct-" are octopus, a sea animal with eight legs, and octogenarian, a person who is in his eighties. The month October uses this prefix also. Although it is the tenth month in the current calendar, it was the eighth month in the pre-Julian calendar. An octameter is a measure of eight meters or feet. The prefix "oct-" originates from both the Latin and Greek languages.

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Oct is the prefix for eight. Bi is the prefix for two.
Word with the prefix 'oct' would be octopus and October,
Eight Like an Octopus has eight tentacles an octagon has eight sides. Octane has eight carbons in the chain, an Octogenarian is a person in their eighties, etc.
Oct is a prefix
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