How to Know If Your Gourami Fish Is Pregnant?


A Gourami fish is a medium-sized freshwater and usually kept in home aquariums and to female one behaves when be able to know that it is prergnant, one needs to pay attention to the way the with the male one as their bodies touch to senda signal that they are ready for mating.When the females belly starts swelling and it enlarges to an isolated spot that is under her front end , she will appeare like she has taken a marble and the scares around that area will be stretched and abit pale.Finally check for the bubble nest.
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1. Watch the behavior of the female gourami with the male gourami. If they are swimming together, their bodies touching, they may be attempting to signal potential mating, a precursor
Provided you stick to the basic rules and don't overstock. The basic rules of fishkeeping are : 1 inch (2.5 cm) of fish needs at least 1 gallon (3.5 ltrs) of water. : Every tank needs
The gourami is a tropical, freshwater fish that varies greatly in
Gouramis are in the family Osphronemidae. They one of a few types of labyrinth fish which can breathe air at the surface.They are not cichlids, but they are tropical fish. Tropical
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