How do you prepare aluminum for painting?


To prepare aluminum for painting, be sure the old paint is completely off. You may need to use a sander and power washer. Using soapy water, clean the aluminum with a squeegee. Remove the soap and dirt with the power hose. Air dry. Cover with a primer and allow to air dry before applying the paint recommended for use on aluminum.
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1. Remove the old paint. If you are working with bare aluminum, skip to Step 3. When the older paint is peeling, you can use a pressure washer or a hose with a strong nozzle stream
sand and file to get a nice smooth surface.
1. Apply a concrete patch to any holes or cracks. Run a putty knife back and forth over the area to smooth out the patch. Allow the patch to dry thoroughly according to the manufacturer's
1. Wash the cast aluminum patio furniture with a water-based degreaser, using a coarse brush. Rinse the furniture with a water hose. Allow the furniture to dry in the sun for one
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How to Prepare Aluminum for Painting
Preparing aluminum for painting is an important step. Make sure the aluminum is free from older paint, dirt, dust and grime. It is vital to understand that paint sticks to rough surfaces. Dust or older paint will make the new paint job harder to manage... More »
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