Preparing Aluminum for Painting?


To prepare aluminum for painting, be sure the old paint is completely off. You may need to use a sander and power washer. Using soapy water, clean the aluminum with a squeegee. Remove the soap and dirt with the power hose. Air dry. Cover with a primer and allow to air dry before applying the paint recommended for use on aluminum.
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1. Remove the old paint. If you are working with bare aluminum, skip to Step 3. When the older paint is peeling, you can use a pressure washer or a hose with a strong nozzle stream
First, clean the aluminum with detergent and rinse well. Next, determine whether the aluminum is just that or galvanized steel. You cannot use oil-based paint on galvanized steel.
Normal Alu needs a lot of preparation ie: zinc oxide as a primer before you can paint it. Anodized surfaces are inert and as long as not waxed/polished etc will remain slightly pourus
Painting aluminum siding is a simple job. Begin by cleaning with water and soap and let dry fully. Put on a coat of exterior oil based primer and let dry. You can now paint it the
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