How to Make Kites for a Toddler or Preschool?


Preschool kite crafts can be done with large sheets of butcher paper and wooden dowels glued together. The preschooler can draw and color the decorations of his or her kite and the adults can add the frame to the kite. Kids love to make crafts.
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1. Explain that kites have been used in Asian cultures for centuries. Show pictures of Asian kites. Tell the children that the Chinese are the first to mention kites in their legends
If one is looking for Christmas crafts for preschoolers, one can try any books at the local library or teachers store for craft ideas. They can also be found at the Parents website,
Fun! Make holiday ornaments, decorate wreaths, Christmas tree,
Foam doorknob hangers are great! I've seen them at Dollar stores, and walmart. You can get all sorts of pre-cut designs/animals to glue onto them. And they don't tear up so easy.
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