Preschool Report Cards?


Preschool report cards are often a reflection of how they are doing in the class overall. To make preschool report cards, put the child's name, teacher, and school. From there, give a standard grade for how they are doing overall.
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1. Create a section on the top of the report card for writing the student's name and the year. Include the school's name, the teacher's name or even a class slogan if you wish. 2.
The link provided looks good, although it's primarily fine motor. Since you also have kindergarten you'd want to think of academic goals too. I found this link with info about assessing
arial. and experiment with the font size. around 10-12 is good.
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How to Make Report Cards for a Preschooler
A report card is a way for instructors to show parents how their children are doing with their class work and behavior. The progress of a preschooler's academic and social development can be difficult to measure by traditional marks such as letter grades... More »
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