Prescription Cough Syrup?


Prescription cough syrup is cough syrup that commonly contains codeine or hydrocodone. It can only be obtained with a prescription written by a doctor. It is prescribed for persistent coughing.
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The purple prescription cough syrup used to make "purple drank" contains the active
codeine and promethazine.
It probably depends on what country you're in. Tussionex is very popular and expensive. Source(s): Used to take it.
1. Examine the cough syrup. If it has solidified or partially solidified, mix in some water and shake it to help dissolve it. You may need to insert the handle of a spoon or a screwdriver
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There are many different prescription cough syrups. Some different brand names include Tussionex,Tussicaps, Hytan, Novasus, and S-T Forte. These are cough syrups ...
Codeine cough syrup should not be obtained without a prescription. Anyone buying or selling codeine cough syrup without a prescription is breaking the law. ...
Cheratussin AC Syrup Qua is a prescription cough syrup. It is classified as a narcotic. It contains codeine and guaifenesin. It relieves congestion and coughing. ...
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