Preserved Remains?


The preserved remains of an organism is called a fossil. Fossils are imprints of parts of organisms. The imprints are records or evidence of life that once existed, but no longer exists and are the remains or traces of once living organisms.
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Preserved remains are preserved in whatever they were trapped in or in another way is that their fossils become preserved.
One method of fossilization is petrifaction. This is when the organic plant or animal material is replaced with minerals and eventually hardens into rock. Examples of this are the
Preserved remains are remains that are preserved in whatever they were
Methods[ edit. The methods taxidermists practise have been improved over the last century, heightening taxidermic quality and lowering toxicity. The animal is first skinned in a process
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The remains or traces of organisms preserved in rock are commonly called fossils. Fossils can be found in any area where the organism lived at any point in its ...
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