How do you preserve deer antlers?


Preserving deer antlers should be done by an experienced taxidermist if you want it done correctly. If there is no velvet on the antlers you can do it yourself by removing the antlers from the deer and letting them dry out. If there is velvet on the antlers you will need to remove it and then soak them in very hot water and soap so that they stay porous. You want to make sure that they are preserved correctly so that they last a long time. Antlers are one of the dog's most favorite things to chew on.
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1. Put on rubber gloves and safety glasses and make a 1/8-inch incision at the tips of all of the deer points with a razor blade. 2. Hang the antlers upside down, so that the blood
Mounting and preserving your own deer antlers is easy and requires
Since the hide is green and nasty I would boil it, outside of course and then pull all of the flesh off. As far as preserving the antlers, they will do fine left as is. You can spray
What is Deer Antler Velvet? A light covering of velvet grows on a Deer’s Antlers during a phase of rapid growth that occurs once every year. This light covering of velvet is
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Preserving Deer Antlers
Preserving antlers can be easy or difficult depending on the season. For the most part, antlers are not easily damaged. If the deer still has velvet on the antlers, it can be more of a challenge. For antlers without velvet, they just need to be washed... More »
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