Preserving Food Reasons?


There are many reasons behind preserving food. One big reason is the ability of the food to stay fresh for longer. Another reason is that it allows for food to be collected in larger quantities since it can be stored.
Q&A Related to "Preserving Food Reasons?"
1. Dust over the food items on the craft using a lint-free cloth. Any dust on the food will be preserved under the shellac and show up, so you want to make sure it is all clean before
1. Cook less. Many vitamins are heat sensitive, so the process of cooking destroys them. The longer heat is applied to food and the more intense the heat, the more nutrients are being
I was told by my knee surgeon (back in '77) that preservatives in our food have made our cartilage too porous & soft - leading to many joint injuries (knee, elbow, shoulder, hip
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