Pressure Points on the Foot?


There are many pressure points on the foot that are said to control other parts of the body. If you massage the tips of your toes it will relax your brain. If you massage the outer corner of the arches of your foot you can control your bladder. Massaging pressure points on your body is called reflexology and it is widely popular. Some people believe that you can heal yourself by using reflexology on pressure points on your body.
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1. Start by sitting or lying in a comfortable position. Gently rotate the ankle by cupping your hands around one ankle at a time and moving it back and forth or in a circle to loosen
There are 3 pressure points in your foot.
Start by locating your Achilles tendon. It is the ridge running from your
The pressure five pressure points are located on various parts of your body. You have the lung points, the large intestine points, the heart points, the small intestine points, and
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Pressure points in the foot can be relaxed through applying pressure to certain areas of the foot. In theory, each pressure point is linked a different body part ...
To relax pressure points on your foot you should first sit down and prop your foot up. Then rotate your foot from side to side to loosen the muscles and the start ...
Foot reflexology targets the pressure points on the feet. These pressure points are said to correspond with the major organs in the body. ...
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