When Should I Change the Oil in My Pressure Washer Pump?


The oil in a pressure washer pump should be changed once per year. The oil change should take place prior to the first use of the pressure washer which is usually during the early summer months.
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1. Turn on your power washer and let it run for a few minutes, then turn it off. This action heats the dirty oil so that it all drains out quickly. Locate the oil pan. For Powermate
It really depends on the machine you have. Pumps will vary according to the pressure you want on your machine, and the size of the engine. Now if you are looking to improve your pump
You can purchase 5W-30 oil to change the oil after
Hello: Best to use NON DETERGENT 10W30. Be sure you fill the reservoir only 1/3 to less than 1/2 full.
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