How to Give Your Baby a French Name?


Giving your baby a French name is simple. All you will need to do is find the French name you want and have the hospital put the name on the birth certificate.
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There are many pretty French baby names. Some pretty French baby names include Enzo, Marie, Lucas, Mathis, Nathan, Hugo, Theo, Raphael, Emma, Lea, Clara, Manon, Chloe, Camille, Ines, Sarah, Jane, Lola, Anais, Lucy, Maxime, Alexander, Antoine, Yanis, Paul, Baptiste, Alexis, Romane, Lisa, Zoe, Liolou, Oceane, Nicolas, Pierre, Julian, and Adrian. Other French names include Marine, Justine, and Emilie. Many French names are considered to be very traditional but still manage to make the list of pretty names.
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Go for a name that symbolizes strength. For a girl, Brigitte means strong, and Nicole or Nicolette means victorious people. For a boy, Guillaume, the French form of William, means
Madlyn Marie.
1 Check some name databases over the Internet, so that you can form an idea about what kind of name would you like to choose for your child. Some examples are:
•Adele (this is actually a French name: •Avril (av-reel) it's April in French. •Cecile. •Claire. •Christine. •Colette. •Cosette (like on Les Miserables
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There are thousands of pretty baby names. Some of the most popular pretty baby names include Rose, Ann, Ashley, Susan, Gabrielle, Hannah, Juliette, Daisy, Violet ...
a pretty name would be samira or lesha. ...
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