Price of a Gallon of Milk in 2000?


The price for a gallon of milk tends to fluctuate from month to month. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the year 2000, a gallon of milk started off at about $2.79 in January and ended at the same price in December. The price decreased steadily in February, March, and April before rising again in May. It fell to about $2.76 in June before going back up to almost $2.80 in July. Prices hit $2.80 and above for August, September, and October before dropping to about $2.75 in November, then back to $2.78 in December. Keep in mind that this is the average national price, with some states and cities having a higher or lower cost.
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The cheapest milk is in save a lot on sale for $1.99. The avarege for the price of milk is for $2.19. The most expencive that is in walmart is $3.49. the worlds most expencive milk
$3.79 is the average price per gallon for milk.
$2.79 for 2% at my local grocery store (San Diego, CA)
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