Price of a Gallon of Milk in 2000?


The price for a gallon of milk tends to fluctuate from month to month. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the year 2000, a gallon of milk started off at about $2.79 in January and ended at the same price in December. The price decreased steadily in February, March, and April before rising again in May. It fell to about $2.76 in June before going back up to almost $2.80 in July. Prices hit $2.80 and above for August, September, and October before dropping to about $2.75 in November, then back to $2.78 in December. Keep in mind that this is the average national price, with some states and cities having a higher or lower cost.
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The price for a gallon of milk is different depending on what store you go to. If you go to Wal-Mart then you will pay only $1.79. If you go to Kroger it's a little more. Just have
The cheapest milk is in save a lot on sale for $1.99. The avarege for the price of milk is for $2.19. The most expencive that is in walmart is $3.49. the worlds most expencive milk
$3.79 is the average price per gallon for milk.
$2.79 for 2% at my local grocery store (San Diego, CA)
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The average price for a gallon of milk varies per city and state. In some places milk can be purchased from between three to four dollars. Other places have milk ...
1946 saw England resuming TV broadcasting and costs of commodities were less expensive. The price of bread was $0.10, and $0.70 for a gallon of milk. A car was ...
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