How do you pair Indian ringneck parakeets?


Indian ringneck parakeets do not form pair bonds and can be persuaded to breed with each other simply by introducing the male to the female and housing them together. However, a female parakeet can be territorial and aggressive, sometimes chasing and killing the male if her flight feathers are not clipped. A female indicates interest in breeding when she starts to spend more time in the nesting box.

Some breeders prefer to house individual pairs together year-round, which reduces aggression and stress. Breeders who are breeding for a specific mutation prefer to separate males from females. Although the species does not generally pair bond, breeder Joyce Baum has witnessed pairs preening each other, sleeping together and eating together outside of the breeding system, which she attributes to the individual personalities of the birds. Baum has also observed that despite the initial show of hostility, a female parakeet usually accepts the male and raises the clutch with him. One way to create a pair bond is to move both parakeets to a new cage together, forcing the two birds to cling together. Baum cautions that not all parakeets are willing to breed with a differently colored parakeet, most likely due to a lack of exposure.

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