Prices for Eye Exams at Wal Mart?


Many Walmart stores have vision centers where customers can receive an eye exam. The cost of an eye exam varies from store to store. The average price of an exam is around $40 to $50 as of 2013.
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A regular eye exam at Walmart's Vision Center costs approximately $50.
Walmart does not post its rates for eye exams online and prices do vary by location.
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1. Gather the printed sales advertisements from local stores. Wal-Mart stores will price match for stores near them, usually between 5 to 15 miles. 2. Review the advertisements, and
Cost for Walmart eye exams can vary by location, but are
Just ask usually smaller offices are cheaper though walmart charged me 90 dollars for a contact fitting and my local eye doctor charged me 75 including the contacts a case a bottle
At Walmart, the cost for a regular exam generally sits somewhere around the $50. Expect to pay somewhere between $80 and $100 for a contact exam.
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when i got mine, 2 years ago lol, it was $99 dollars for the exam and contacts, the contacts alone were around 36 dollars. ...
Walmart is an organization responsible for administering eye exams and assisting you with a vision care. Contact them on their phone line. Book an appointment ...
To make an appointment for an eye exam at the Walmart Vision Care Center, you can either visit the center or give them a call. Appointments can be difficult to ...
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