How much is my Lionel train worth?


How much your Lionel Train is worth depends on several factors. The age of the train, condition of the train, and which train it was are factored into its price. It is best to take your particular train to an expert to have it appraised.
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You need Greenburgs Lionel Trains 1901-2009 price book. there you can look up the price of each item. There are two prices The lower if your item has paint missing or scratchs on
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Get a model railfan magazine like Model Railroader and look at the classifieds to see what similar models are fetching. Models in good condition in the original boxes will fetch the
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The prices of old Lionel trains depends on the age and condition of it. You can buy one boxcar from a Lionel train set from the 1960s for $160 if it is in good condition. Parts of Lionel trains that aren't in very good condition are expected to fetch a lower price than those that may have been perfectly preserved. There are online buying guides that will help to determine an estimate of the train's worth. You should take it to someone who specializes in trains to find the true value.
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