Primary School Captain Speeches?


Primary school captain speeches would be rare because most primary schools don't have captains or speeches. Primary school children are usually between the ages of 5 and 10 and would not be able to adequately write a speech. This is an age where teachers are trying to teach them to share and to work on team work. They wouldn't try to get them to run for a political office in the 1st grade. They may need a speech in middle school, though.
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the fragments of the most embarrasing yet inspirational experiences of life,
1. Decide what the topic of the speech will be. It can be something specific or something general. For example, the school captain may wish to commemorate the end of his football
Explain what you will do better than the others. Explain how you will deliver on your promises. Get out and shake the trees and be seen. Campaign till you drop sort of thing.
write a poem/song have a powerpoint give awards for people in your year eg: person most likely to be our boss etc.
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