How to Clean a Water Cooler?


Primo water cooler is the machine used to make water cold. To clean a water cooler, prepare a bleach solution mixed with water, unplug the water cooler from the wall and remove the bottle then use a sponge with that solution to clean. Rinse the water cooler at least four times to remove the solution then use the same solution to wash the drip tray then wash your hands and before removing the cap from the bottle to replace.
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I am a camp cook so I have had some really nasty water coolers. I have found the best way is to clean with soap and water, then fill it up with fresh water and pour a 1/4 cup of vinagar
1. Disinfect the water cooler at least every other month. Doing so more often is even more beneficial to keeping the amount of bacteria present as low as possible between cleanings.
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1. Get some laundry detergent, liquid is best. Ad. 2. No matter how big your water cooler is, fill it up half way with HOT water and pour 1 cap full of liquid laundry detergent into
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To clean water coolers, first pour off any leftover water from the bottles. Next, pour a gallon of hot water and unscented bleach into the bottle and place it ...
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