What is the value of a Princess Diana stamp collection?


Princess Diana stamp collections can cost between $1 to more than $250. Those that are sold for less than $2 are usually on sale, but the actual prices change once the shipping cost is added. The Official International Tribute to Princess Diana from the Postal Commemorative Society is one of the most expensive anyone can find online. The used one that is for sale in is worth between $150-$300.

Harrison & Sons in High Wycombe printed an initial 120 million memorial stamps between September 4 to 10, 1997, a few days after Princess Diana's death on August 31, 1997. Several millions more were printed due to high public demand in the United Kingdom and abroad.These are known as the GB (1961-1997) 1998 Complete Mint Set of 5.

There are also Princess Diana stamp collections from other countries including the United States, North Korea, Mozambique, Togo, Grenada and many other nations. These stamp collections include Princess Diana in her royal wedding, in her nice gowns, with her kids, with the less fortunate, with other icons in history and many more. It is easy to find, buy and sell a Princess Diana stamp collection online due to its high supply and demand worldwide.

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1. Determine rarity and condition. As with any collection, the value of an item depends on two things: how rare the item is, and the condition in which it is in. Consult a stamp catalog
The worth of Princess Diana stamps varies, it mostly depends on date of
How would we know? We aren't numismatists. We are royalists. You want to know the value of coins, you go to a coin shop.
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