Print a Blank W2 Form?


You can print a blank W-2 form for 2012 from the IRS website. You will find the form listed under their publications. Click the link and a PDF document will come up. Click on the 'printer' icon to print the form.
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1. Visit the Social Security Administration's website and sign up for a business account. This free service allows individuals to access free software that helps to create W-2 forms
IF OR WHEN this may be possible you would have to get this information from your employer as this is NOT a normal procedure that is usually offered.
The employer sends it to you. Call them up and ask for a copy.
W-2 is a form that contains the annual salary of an employee as well as the total taxes deducted from his income. This form is accomplished and sent by the employer to the employees
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You can get free W2 forms from the IRS. You can call for forms at 1-800-829-3676 or you can print them free online at the IRS website. ...
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