Print Fake Newspaper Article?


To print a fake newspaper article, a person may have to find and use a type of template to create the article itself. However, there are many websites online which have newspaper article generators which people can use to make gag newspaper articles. The images they create can then be printed out and look like a genuine news article. However, the more elaborate a person wants the article to look, the more they may have to create a newspaper themselves from scratch using a template.
Q&A Related to "Print Fake Newspaper Article?"
1. Access a website that generates fake newspaper clippings to produce a convincing format and typeface for your article. There are plenty of great websites that create realistic
Indexes to newspaper articles:The Guardian Index Covers The Guardian
Articles, reviews and comments can be submitted to news@chron and then from there they decide rather or not to print it in their newspaper.
Your printer software, such as Microsoft's word allows you to change the size of the font and how it is displayed on the page. Down load the article and send it to your word processor
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