Printable Blank Phone List?


A phone list is a great way to keep track of all your important phone numbers. It's nice to have to keep up somewhere useful that everyone in the family can find if they are unsure of someones phone number. You can find many different types of printable phone lists online to either download to your computer or print up right away to use. A nice place to put a phone list to have handy is on the refrigerator so it's easily accessible to everyone.
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  Hit and run covered up by the police. What do I do? Last year I was in a hit and run accident. The driver of the other car rear ended me and left the scene. We had bills from the hospital, ambulance, vehicle repair, insurance deductible, c.a.t. scan, medications, etc. This all needs to be repaid. I, my passenger and 2 witnesses gave the police officer the license plate number. Here it is about a year later and I still have not heard anything. I have 2.5 weeks left before the statute of limitations runs out on this. I want to sue, but I have no grounds until I find the information. Today I went to the Glendale police dept and bought a report for $5.00 so I could see the details. the part of the report for the hit and run man was totally blank. All it said was unknown. I was surprised and alarmed. I asked the officer at the desk about this and he said no information was given to the officer on duty. I told him the 4 people gave him the driver’s license number. Me, my passenger, 1 witness who for some reason was not listed and 1 witness who was listed. The fellow at the desk double checked for me and verified that no information was given. I told him that the officer on duty told me that the license plate was run and he found the man. He lives just down the street. The officer actually talked to someone at or near the man’s home and said that he would call me later with the details. That phone call never came. None of this was on the report. The desk officer said that if the license plate was listed anywhere, then it could be away for an open report. I would not have access to that. I would have to get an attorney to subpoena it. There was no answer as to why the hit and run man’s name, address, description and insurance information was never written down. At the time, I was comfortable that everything was taken care of so I did not keep the information. I called the one witness on file and he did not keep any information either. I do not believe the passenger still has it. Besides getting an attorney, what do I do. Call the officer? Any other suggestions?
Answer 1. In Michigan, where I live, there is still something that can be done. My sister is a paralegal and says that the officer is required to provide a judge with written and/
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