How do I get blank, printable weekly schedules?


Using blank, printable weekly calendars allows you to customize your scheduling and stay on top of everything on your to-do list. Many weekly calendar templates are available online for free.

  1. Research weekly calendar templates

    Search online for calendar templates that meet your needs. Sites such as Calendar Labs, Calendarpedia, Microsoft and Calendars Quick all offer many versions of weekly calendars ready for printing and use.

  2. Choose your optimal calendar style

    Select the weekly calendar style that best suits your needs. Templates available include planners with room for to-do lists, weekly spreadsheets and weekly appointment calendars divided into slots of time. You can also find templates ready for customizing to your own specifications.

  3. Print your calendar template

    Download and print your chosen weekly calendar template, choosing the size of paper that best fits your archiving needs. Use your calendar as a basis for establishing your weekly schedule.

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