Printable Goodbye Cards?


To make your own printable goodbye card you will need to have card making software. You will need to find a poem or a sentiment that you would like to add to the card. Then, you would need to set up your printer to print on the card stock that you purchase for the card.
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1. Open Paint, click Image and select Attributes. Set the dimensions to 6 inches by 4 inches for a standard mail-size card or whatever your preferred card dimensions. Click Ok. 2.
Hold the paper so that the front of the card is in the top left, and the picture is facing you. Fold the whole top half away from your body (hamburger style) so the Front and Back
You can visit the website,
These free printable recipe card templates are perfect for recording your favorite recipes. We have 5 x 3" recipe cards (4 per page) and 6 x 4" recipe cards (2 per page)
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