Printable Hogwarts Letter?


A printable letter from Hogwart's is a great idea for a birthday party or can be a wonderful gift for a true fan. The letter is in the template of envelope. Print the letter on parchment paper to give it an official look. You can also distress the edges to give it an aged look. Use clay to seal the letter. Red is a good color. You can even print tickets for the Hogwart's Express to insert in the letter.
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you probably can't. if you want the real thing, order it from The Noble Collection.
Use a Photo shop or other graphics software program to personally design your own printable bubble letters or find free printable ones from many sources online. Use the photo imaging
1 Find parchment or old looking paper. The more authentic, the better. Ad
From what I can find the letter carriers (more than one) at Hogwarts are owls. No
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