What are some ideas for using a printable Hogwarts letter?


In the fictional Harry Potter universe, children often received an official acceptance letter around their eleventh birthday. Using J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books and the Harry Potters movies as reference material, you can create your own Hogwarts acceptance letter.

According to the Harry Potter Wikia page, acceptance letters are sent by owl or by post to young students who have been selected to begin their studies at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In the books and movies, letters are not very long and are formatted as follows:

1. The header contains the Hogwarts Crest, followed by the full name of the school, followed by the name of the headmaster and his or her qualifications

2. Next there are a simple welcoming statement, congratulations, a note about a list of required supplies to be found on the next page, the date of the beginning of the term and an RSVP deadline for sending a response via owl.

3. A closing and a signature conclude the letter.

The proceeding pages contain information about necessary equipment, books and clothing.

To create a printable Hogwarts acceptance letter, use a word processing program or graphics editing program. Find an image of the Hogwarts crest using a web browser, and attach it to the beginning of the document. Write the letter using the format above. For an added touch, remember that the wizard's world is a few centuries behind in paper production, so use a linen textured or aged paper if it is possible to use it in your printer. In the Harry Potter world, letters arrived in hand-lettered envelopes sealed with wax, so using sealing wax adds another nice touch.

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