Where can you download printable hospital discharge forms?


Hospital discharge forms are available at sites like Docstoc.com and FreePrintableMedicalForms.com, but the forms are often generic and require the specific hospital to fill out information. Specific hospitals are often happy to print out forms for patients for free.

Hospital discharge forms are necessary because patients can’t normally leave the hospital without being officially discharged first. There’s no way to force doctors to discharge a patient before the doctor feels comfortable signing a form. In this case, the doctor generally provides the form himself. However, it’s also possible to print out AMA forms, or “Against Medical Advice.” Some hospitals have their own version of these forms which a patient can ask for, but in other cases a generic one often suffices. Patients in hospitals have rights and unless they are detained by law enforcement, or they’ve been declared incompetent or are covered under the Baker’s Act, patients are allowed to leave whenever they want provided they sign this form. These forms are often available in the same places online as generic discharge forms. The AMA forms release the hospital and associated doctors from any liability associated with the patient leaving against advice. The laws governing discharge and AMA forms may vary from location to location.

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Until you are cleared by the doctors consulted during your admission you wont be discharged by the hospital, but you DO have rights as a patient and you can leave. I'm sure there
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Use status code 43, discharged/transferred to a federal health care facility.
All the original documents including bills, lab reports, discharges summary and claim form. All the original documents duly signed by you need to be submitted to the hospital.
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