Printable Silent Auction Bid Sheets?


A silent auction is popular at charity events, with no auctioneer. The bidder write their amount on a bidding sheet which usually has a fixed starting amount. Bid on anything of interest by signing your name on the bidding sheet. Check the bid sheets frequently for the items in which you are interested, as prices can increase rapidly. At the predetermined end of auction, the highest bidder wins.
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Things You'll Need. Auction Magazines. Auction Event Tickets. Instructions. Take note of the items that interest you and their starting values if you receive an auction catalog before
Every silent auction I have been to has the actioned merchandise on tables with pieces of paper in front of them labeled with the product and last bid time. People place their bids
Hi Jim---there are a couple of things I need to know, as there were a number of different covers due to threatened law suits. What are the colors going across from the top to the
A silent auction bidding form (or bid sheet) is more than just a place for interested parties to write down their name with a bid amount. There are several significant parts you'll
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