How to Make a Chi Chi (Prison Meal)?


Prison meals are very cheap meals that are made for those in jail. To make a Chi Chi you must make a pack of Ramen noodles. Then you mix in some cheese puffs and tuna or beef jerky
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Crush up the Raman noodles and place them in the plastic bag. You should use two soups per person. Add the packs of seasoning provided with the Raman noodles. (note: season according
Mayonnaise, TomatoKetchup, Mustard, Relish(with lunch bag) the same without relish, crushed onions, barbecue sauce from the canteen. Assortedspices from packagecatalogs. All communications
Prison meal is slang for any prepackaged, frozen or marginally edible or nutritious
The prisoners rations are a small chunk of salami and a piece of stale bread.'s...
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