How to Install a Quickcam Pro 5000.?


1. Start your computer and log in to Windows using an administrator account. Insert the Logitech QuickCam CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive. The "Logitech QuickCam Installation" window will load. 2. Click the white circle next to the "Typical
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The Nicon uses an SD card for storage. The MacBook Pro's newer models have an SD slot. Just plug the card into the mac and find the files you need. Copy them and paste them where
www.logitech .com and download drivers.
The quickcam is available in 24 stores including Walmart and Best Buy. It runs about 79.00
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A lot of good one's.Depend's on price you want to pay.I use logitech pro 5000 always good for me and mic built in. ...
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