Pro and Cons of Building Dams?


Building a dam is a good way to regulate water flow or create energy. However there are a few cons for building dams. One huge con of building a dam is the amount of time and money it costs to build an effective dam.
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Buildind dams: pros: stops flooding, and its helpful towards big cities. cons: people have to move like the one lake in china. harmful to the world enviromental people.
pro: harvest the energy for power, a good fishing place con: will kill the ecosystem of the river, fish will no longer be able to go upstream to spawn, the water will get warmer and
Dams can store rain water directly from teh river itself, and in th...'s-...
am in the very beginning stages of deciding what type of pool to get. We've had a couple of builders come out so far and give us quotes. It will be on the small side (probably 16
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