Pro Immigration Articles?


Pro immigration articles will have key points on how immigration can be turned into something positive. Positive effects of immigration include additional tax revenue for the United States. This in turn provides more money for our economy. Immigrants also perform jobs that other do not. The people against immigration may be basing their claims on race. The immigrants also bring good morals and high quality work ethics. Immigrants can receive healthcare and food benefits, which may be considered a negative.
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There are many arguments to be pro immigration. America should keep its exceptional characteristic of being one of the only places in the world that welcomes people ...
Pros: Immigrants make money in America to send to his/her family. Business gets work without having to pay for much. The business don't have to pay taxes If they ...
Pros of immigration often include a better life. Cons of immigration often leads to overpopulation. Problems with jobs and home life can also be attributed to ...
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