What are some common problems that Filipino families face?


Filipino families are facing numerous problems today. According to Michael L. Tan in his article, 'A Reconfigured Filipino Family,' many Filipino families, in the Philippines, struggle to put food on the table and to have basic housing. They also have poor social services provided to them, many more women are forced to work outside of the home, and a large percent of adults are leaving the country to find work.
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walang kwentang website po ito hindi po ito na katulong sa atin kasi wala namang answer...................................... sowe po sa pag kakamali ko po......
Usually filipino family today are facing a very crucial problem...the matter of cultural diversity is the top most.children are more apt to the influences of a more modern,rebellious
I can give you a very long and detailed list. But I will just say the lack of opportunity is the biggest. Limited employment means high unemployment and low wages. This will result
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