What are the problems of bureaucracy?


The term bureaucracy has undesirable connotations to Impersonality. People interact on formal, not personal criteria's of us. It is recognized with stringency, stiffness, and delay and it is categorized with Pyramid of power, Separation of labor and specialism, Employment based on practical qualifications. Transcribed rules and guidelines and Impersonality where Individuals interact on official, not individual criteria.
Q&A Related to "What are the problems of bureaucracy?"
It has too many rulers and red tape and it wastes money.
Two main problems with bureaucracy are inefficiency
Professionalizing and getting rid of a lot of the bureaucracy and letting teachers practice, you know, their profession and do what's right for the kids and not be constantly looking
Although the concept of bureaucracy has fallen into the common domain of political sociology, theory of history, and public opinion, and has been sanctified to the success it has
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